Internal spawner API#

The module rubin.nublado.spawner provides an implementation of the JupyterHub Spawner API that uses the Nublado controller to manage user labs.

This authenticator class is registered as nublado in the jupyterhub.spawners entry point.

rubin.nublado.spawner Package#

JupyterHub spawner that uses the Nublado controller to manage labs.


ControllerWebError(message, *[, method, ...])

Failure to talk to the lab controller API.


The JupyterHub auth state for the user contains no token.

NubladoSpawner(*args, **kwargs)

Spawner class that sends requests to the RSP lab controller.

Class Inheritance Diagram#

Inheritance diagram of rubin.nublado.spawner._exceptions.ControllerWebError, rubin.nublado.spawner._exceptions.InvalidAuthStateError, rubin.nublado.spawner._internals.NubladoSpawner