class rubin.nublado.inithome.provisioner.Provisioner(home, uid, gid)#

Bases: object

Create the user’s home directory if it doesn’t exist.

  • home (Path) – Path to the home directory to create.

  • uid (int) – Numeric UID of the user.

  • gid (int) – Numeric primary GID of the user.

Methods Summary


Create the user's home directory.

Methods Documentation

async provision()#

Create the user’s home directory.

If the home directory doesn’t exist, create it and set it to mode 0700. If it already exists, verify that it is a directory and owned by the correct UID and GID. If the permissions are incorrect and the directory is empty, fix the ownership; otherwise, warn but continue. Warn about unexpected modes, but don’t treat them as fatal errors.


InvalidHomeError – Raised if the path exists but is not a directory, or if it has the wrong ownership but is not empty.

Return type: