Configuration reference#

Nublado is configured via the Helm chart for the nublado Phalanx application. As with any other Phalanx application, configuration goes into values-environment.yaml for a given Phalanx environment. For more information, see the Phalanx documentation on writing a Helm chart.

Most of the configuration options are for the Nublado controller. Only a few parameters for the other Nublado components normally need to be changed.

Because Nublado uses Zero to JupyterHub to do a lot of the work of installing JupyterHub and its supporting resources, the values.yaml file contains a lot of settings for Zero to JupyterHub that should not need to be changed. Those settings are not mentioned here. Only the settings that may need to be overridden in values-environment.yaml are documented.

All configuration parameters are documented using keys separated by dots (for example, controller.config.lab.pullSecret). This corresponds to YAML structure such as:

      pullSecret: "pull-secret"

When writing your values-environment.yaml file, merge common sections together. For example, if you have multiple settings you are changing under controller.config, there should be only one config: key and the settings should be combined beneath it.